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In 2015 Andersen & Sigurdsson Architects were asked to design a concept for the façade of a new Bath and Sports Centre on Bernhard Bangs Allé in Frederiksberg.  The façade concept is based on the desire to create a bright and inviting building, expressed in a simple and unobtrusive composition. The texture and materiality of the facade refers to the activities that take place inside the building.

The glass facade is composed of vertical glass panels mounted on a lightweight steel suspension. The glass panels hang in a rhythmic sequence with occasionally tilted panels, tilting either inward at the top or bottom, giving life and movement to the facade. The glass has a pale green colour and is printed with a pattern that resembles the movement of water.

The experience of the glass facade will vary depending on light conditions and the time of day and year and the colour and depth will change depending on the passers movement around the building. The slightly tilted glass panels break the rhythm and emphasize the depth of the glass facade. The subtle gameplay in the tilted glass composition is reminiscent of rippling water.

Project:                     Façade for a bath and sports centre

Type:                         Commission

Year:                          2015

Client:                        Gribskov Gruppen, The municipality of Frederiksberg

Collaborators:          3XSkak, Gribskov Gruppen

Location:                   Frederiksberg,  Denmark

Status:                       Completed 2017