Project: Sports Canopy

Type: Commission

Year: 2013 –

Size: 1200 m2

Client: The community of Ishøj, Lokale- og Anlægsfonden

Collaborators: Rambøll, Thomas Allan Nielsen and Pia Stautz

Location: Ishøj, Denmark

Status: Ongoing

The simple mindset underlying the vision for the sports canopy allows for a multitude of possible activities taking place in and around it. The sports canopy is open and transparent, inviting people inside to participate in many forms of activities, spontaneous, semi – organized or organized.

The canopy consists of a steel framework covered by a textile roof and transparent vinyl facades. It is an unheated space, providing shelter from the rain and wind, and creating a visibility and contact between outside and inside. When the weather allows for it the facade can be opened up in the daytime and closed again in the evenings.

The transparent character of the building is letting in daylight and minimizing the use of artificial and energy consuming light during the summer. In the dark time the canopy will be a luminous venue that arouses curiosity and creates activity in a safe and pleasant environment with its openness to the outside environment.